Use Cases

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

28 Year-Old Female

  • Improved Gait
  • Increased Standing Time
  • Safety

It was so much fun to walk!

“I had a great time trying out the LifeGlider yesterday and can’t wait to use it again today.

It was so much fun to walk! I haven’t been able to do my usual nightly walk because I hurt my pelvis and then my knee. My knee is still injured, but it didn’t hurt at all when I walked in the device!

This is a great alternative to crutches or a walker, things that hurt my upper body to use. Usually when I walk, I have sort of a wobbly, ataxic gait. I thought I walked pretty well until I tried the device and realized I wasted a lot of energy just trying not to fall!  With the support of the device, I had better balance and could concentrate more on having a smooth gait.

Using less energy to walk also helped me walk longer distances. I was able to go to the mall and shop for the first time in months without a wheelchair. I even lasted longer walking than I usually do sitting! It was great to have the freedom to move myself. When I’m in a wheelchair, I have to rely on someone else pushing me because it hurts my upper body to wheel myself.”


Emily’s condition made walking too dangerous. After 8 weeks with LifeGlider, Emily completed a 5K Trail walk while carrying her dog.

Emily Completing 5k Walk

6 Weeks

Cerebral Palsy

61 Year Old Female

  • Pain Reduction
  • Hands Free
  • Safety

Pain Reduction and Improved Gait Function

“Having cerebral palsy definitely has it’s challenges. I am very blessed to be able to walk, but with aging, there are some days when it is very painful and I cannot. When I  tried the LifeGlider, I was amazed at my ability to walk hands free and move freely and upright without the pain stopping me from doing so.

Not only that, but it is an invaluable physical exercise that helps my whole torso to get stronger!! I cannot say enough about how wonderful the LifeGlider is!”

~Geri Jewell

Actress, Comedian and Motivational Speaker

Geri received worldwide recognition being the first person with a disability to be cast in a prime-time series on NBC’s ‘The Facts of Life’ and more recently on HBO’s ‘Deadwood’.

Spinal Cord Injury

60 Year Old Male

  • Hands Free
  • Engagement in ADLs
  • Fall Prevention

Upright Mobility

“I was injured in 2011 in a horse accident, caught my head, broke my neck and became a quadriplegic. My discharge prognosis was a wheelchair for life.

Simply put, the difference between LifeGlider and the other walkers that I have and use on a regular basis is the hands-free ability. Balance and posture with the LifeGlider is much more erect, much more straight. Your body is under you.

Freedom is the answer and the ability to move more freely without thinking about what’s the next thing I am going to catch on.”


Spinal cord injuries and paralysis are extreme cases for the LIfeGlider, but Casey’s experience illustrates the broad applications of the device. Casey’s rehabilitation was accelerated with use of the device in therapy and daily life. His gait and posture improved and Casey “the Cowboy” was able to lift and carry a 65-pound saddle with true grit and assistance from his LifeGlider.

Multiple Sclerosis

50 Year Old Female

  • Enables Independence
  • Hands Free
  • Safety

Regaining Independence

“This device has changed my life. My MS has progressed to a point where I could no longer depend on just a cane for balance or support when walking. I was not looking forward to using a walker for many reasons. Instead I chose not to go out or accept social invitations very often since I always had to depend on someone’s arm to hold on to. I was starting to feel very isolated.

Then, from a friend at work, I found out about the LifeGlider and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in the test trials. I have been using a prototype since August and since then have been able to do so much more by myself. I can easily ‘collapse’ it, pick it up and put it in the trunk of my car.

I HIGHLY recommend this device to all out there who know that loss of mobility = loss of independence.”


Josie works in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley. Prior to LifeGlider, she considered working from home because of the risk of falls and injury. She now uses her LifeGlider on a daily basis and has been able to continue working on-site and advancing her career.

Parkinson’s Disease

65 Year Old Female

  • Improved Gait
  • Pain Management
  • Engagement in ADLs
  • Safety

Freedom of Movement

“The amazing LifeGlider has altered how I move and how I feel, giving me freedom of movement and freedom from discomfort. My hands are free to do things like shop, cook and hold an umbrella. No longer hunched over a walker, I can move with excellent posture without stress on hands, arms or shoulders. At the same time, LifeGlider removes pressure on my legs and spine so that I actually do glide and the tingling in my leg is gone.

Now that I have enjoyed several days of sunshine strolling around in my LifeGlider, I can give you some feedback. M. Kahn said yesterday he was encouraging a friend with MS to get one. Another resident asked for more info to give her son so he could encourage his wife with MS to try one. Countless others have told me that they are amazed at how well I am moving and ask me all about the engineering A few said they couldn’t afford one but most say it would be worth every dollar.

It may take a few months but interest will grow and LifeGlider will sell.”

Best wishes to you,


Healthy Senior Aging

89 Year Male