Spinal Cord Injury – LifeGlider™ in Use

Upright Mobility

“I was injured in 2011 in a horse accident, caught my head, broke my neck and became a quadriplegic. My discharge prognosis was a wheelchair for life.

Simply put, the difference between LifeGlider and the other walkers that I have and use on a regular basis is the hands-free ability. Balance and posture with the LifeGlider is much more erect, much more straight. Your body is under you.

Freedom is the answer and the ability to move more freely without thinking about what’s the next thing I am going to catch on.”


Spinal cord injuries and paralysis are extreme cases for the LIfeGlider, but Casey’s experience illustrates the broad applications of the device. Casey’s rehabilitation was accelerated with use of the device in therapy and daily life. His gait and posture improved and Casey “the Cowboy” was able to lift and carry a 65-pound saddle with true grit and assistance from his LifeGlider.