Multiple Sclerosis – LifeGlider™ in Use

Regaining Independence

“This device has changed my life. My MS has progressed to a point where I could no longer depend on just a cane for balance or support when walking. I was not looking forward to using a walker for many reasons. Instead I chose not to go out or accept social invitations very often since I always had to depend on someone’s arm to hold on to. I was starting to feel very isolated.

Then, from a friend at work, I found out about the LifeGlider and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in the test trials. I have been using a prototype since August and since then have been able to do so much more by myself. I can easily ‘collapse’ it, pick it up and put it in the trunk of my car.

I HIGHLY recommend this device to all out there who know that loss of mobility = loss of independence.”


Josie works in the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley. Prior to LifeGlider, she considered working from home because of the risk of falls and injury. She now uses her LifeGlider on a daily basis and has been able to continue working on-site and advancing her career.