Cerebral Palsy – LifeGlider™ in Use

Pain Reduction and Improved Gait Function

“Having cerebral palsy definitely has it’s challenges. I am very blessed to be able to walk, but with aging, there are some days when it is very painful and I cannot. When I tried the LifeGlider, I was amazed at my ability to walk hands free and move freely and upright without the pain stopping me from doing so.

Not only that, but it is an invaluable physical exercise that helps my whole torso to get stronger!! I cannot say enough about how wonderful the LifeGlider is!”

~Geri Jewell

Actress, Comedian and Motivational Speaker

Geri received worldwide recognition being the first person with a disability to be cast in a prime-time series on NBC’s ‘The Facts of Life’ and more recently on HBO’s ‘Deadwood’.