Hands-Free Mobility

Introducing The LifeGlider™

The LifeGlider is a unique ambulatory assistive device.
It is designed to permit upright, hands-free mobility, and to reduce falls.

The LifeGlider is intended to be used by people who struggle to walk securely and confidently, and to allow mobility without extreme fatigue or fear of falling. By securing the body’s center of gravity, the LifeGlider encourages upright posture, helps restore proper gait, and reinforces a sense of balance and confidence. Unlike a traditional walker, it can be used hands-free.

The LifeGlider is protected by US and international patents and patents pending.


  • Approximate Weight: 15 lbs (7kg).


  • Standard Device: Back of seat height range is 30″-35″ (76.2 -88.9 cm) from floor.
  • Tall Device: Back of seat height range is 33″-40″ (83.8 – 101.6 cm) from floor.


  • Made of strong, durable steel
  • Lightweight (approximately 15 lbs.)
  • Patented design
  • Adjustable legs
  • Smooth rolling wheels permit indoor or outdoor use
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Wheel lock, can be positioned on right or left side
  • Padded hand grips
  • Folds for easy storage or transport


  • Permits hands-free mobility
  • Encourages proper gait and balance
  • Secures center of gravity
  • Designed to reduce/eliminate falls
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors in ADA compliant environments
  • Seat allows partial or full weight to be relieved from legs if desired

In comparing [the LifeGlider] ​to my rollator walker, the Lifeglider is definitely an improvement. I truly felt that I was gliding, with no pressure on my legs or back and without the stress in my shoulders and hands that I experience with my rollator.Mickie, LifeGlider user