Walking Is Life

Enabling Upright, Hands-Free Mobility

Ease of mobility is critical in daily life. However, many struggle to walk safely, securely, and comfortably. The LifeGlider™ designed to reduce the fear of falling and the fatigue sometimes associated with struggling to walk.

The LifeGlider™ is a new mobility device that permits upright, hands-free mobility.

At Core Mobility Solutions, our sincere hope is that you too will enjoy the benefits that others have found in using the LifeGlider, including restored dignity associated with standing upright, greater participation in the activities of daily living, and numerous health benefits associated with moderate movement and exercise.

The patented LifeGlider represents an evolution in assistive mobility devices, and is unique in that it secures the user’s center of gravity. This enables upright posture and encourages proper gait, balance and greater confidence as the fear of falling disappears. Securing the body’s center also frees the hands, since gripping the device is not necessary. (No need to hold the device – the device holds you.) The arms can swing naturally, contributing to proper gait, or the hands can be used for other tasks.

By contrast, a traditional walker typically encourages an unnatural forward-leaning posture and a slight downward gaze; It directs upper body weight onto the shoulders, arms and hands, which can be tiring, and requires holding the hand grips to move forward – in general, just managing a traditional walker requires effort and attention. A traditional walker also presents a barrier between the user and others, whereas the LifeGlider frame is behind the user, enabling more natural and personal social contact. Most important, traditional walkers and other common commercial devices do not prevent falls.

Enabling Upright, Hands-Free Mobility

Built-in Seat: For Full or Partial Weight Alleviation

The LifeGlider’s built-in seat is positioned at the tailbone and may be used to alleviate all, some, or no weight, as needed. When walking, the seat provides extra security and stability, enabling even individuals with limited leg strength to enjoy mobility and carry out daily activities.

Whereas traditional walkers with bench type seats allow only two positions (fully sitting or fully standing), the LifeGlider also enables a third option – partial weight support. This is useful in rehabilitation settings, as part of an exercise or strengthening routine, or simply to provide a bit of rest when needed.

Potential Benefits of Being Upright, Hands-Free, And Mobile

  • Reduced anxiety from fear of falling and greater confidence when upright
  • Reduced cognitive load associated with constantly monitoring risks and obstacles to safe movement
  • Ease of daily activities
  • Improved ability to interact socially
  • Eye level contact with others
  • Increased ability to exercise safely
  • Increased muscle and bone strength
  • Improved digestion and circulation
  • Maintenance of good posture, balance
  • Ability to move using proper gait
  • Reduced stress associated with constant device management
  • Ability to walk indoors or outdoors
  • Ability to relax arms while walking
  • Ability to use hands while walking

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