See how easy it is to set up and use your LifeGlider, for upright and hands-free mobility. This video demonstration provides guidelines for stable and comfortable usage. See how the LifeGlider makes hands-free, upright mobility a reality for daily use.

The LifeGlider comes fully assembled, with the legs folded for transport. This video shows how to:

  • Open the legs of the LifeGlider into fully open and locked position
  • Optionally place the wheel lock on the left or right handlebar
  • Adjust the legs to the same height
  • Adjust the seat height
  • Setting the wheel lock
  • Getting yourself into the LifeGlider
  • Buckling the belt around your waist
  • Proper position and support for stability
  • How to comfortably use the LifeGlider, with proper gait, upright and hands-free
  • How to exit the LifeGlider
  • Suitable for outdoor, ADA-compliant surfaces